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Death Bubba (AAA)
Death Bubba (AAA) May 7, 2022

A little bit upset here Usually Tales will warn you before purchase its Popcorn nugs lots of tiny tiny nugs . DEFINATELY NOT A TRIPLE A.
Astro - avatar Astro
Sherbert (AAA+)
Sherbert (AAA+) April 27, 2022

Amazing, The quality of this strain surpassed my expectations. Don't hesitate getting more. Definitely on my repurchase list.
Glipglop137 - avatar Glipglop137

pretty good stuff girlfriend loved em
Astro - avatar Astro
Super Silver Haze (AAA)
Super Silver Haze (AAA) January 22, 2022

Phenomenal, great taste, super long high and as usual amazing price. Highly recommend.
Glipglop137 - avatar Glipglop137

As a NEW Customer
I am VERY happy with My decision to choose THIS Off of the Menu. ?
What an amazing SWEET smell once you open the bag...
The Bag appeal is nice ?

The size DOES matter in certain areas of LIFE... But THIS strain certainly HAS a good high once you smoke it.
The high is immediate causing a Dry Mouth....
Eyes become a bit HEAVY
This is THE OLD school HIGH.
The High lasted a few hours off a small joint.

Thanks for a Great Menu
Team.... TTS ??


I love all the Mystic Medibles! Have ordered prolly 5 diff kinds now. In certain ones the taste of weed is more obvious. The watermelons are ? and you can hardly taste it.
Jasmine Kleiboer - avatar Jasmine Kleiboer
Lavender (AA)
Lavender (AA) September 30, 2021

i like this product too and it's pretty good stuff
vanessa6969 - avatar vanessa6969
White Widow (AAA+)
White Widow (AAA+) September 30, 2021

this is a good product i love it
vanessa6969 - avatar vanessa6969
White Widow (AAA+)
White Widow (AAA+) September 30, 2021

i like this product alot
vanessa6969 - avatar vanessa6969

Calvin Little - avatar Calvin Little