Northern Lights (AAA) | Indica

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Northern Lights | (AAA) | Indica

Batch Information:

  • THC: 17-19%
  • CBD: <1%
  • Nug Size: 3/5 (5 being the biggest relative to all of our dried flower inventory)
  • Smell: Good smell
  • Stickiness: Decent stickiness
  • Bud appearance: Good crystals, long buds and a bit leafy
  • Trim: Average trim
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Northern Lights

Northern Lights is for sure one of the most popular and respected marijuana strains in the world.


This bud is great for lulling a troubled mind to sleep, making the user happy and relaxed before they go to bed. Created in the U.S., but propagated in the Netherlands back in 1985, the Northern Lights marijuana strain has become a legend ever since.


Northern Lights is all about instant high and extremely fast-acting effects. Because of that, this bud has quickly become one of the most demand strains of all times. Here is everything you need to know about the Northern Lights marijuana strain.

Origins of Northern Lights

Northern Lights was created by crossing a Thai sativa with an Afghani indica on the outskirts of Seattle, Washington. 

THC Content of Northern Lights

The Northern Lights marijuana strain comes with a fine level of THC, ranging between 16% and 21%. Usually, you can find this bud with about 18% of THC on average.

The Appearance of Northern Lights

The buds of Northern Lights are densely packed and dark, olive green in color with some blue and purple hints running through. Generously covered with deep orange, brassy pistils and a layer of crystal clear trichomes, Northern Lights’ buds look insanely good. 

Fragrance & Flavors of Northern Lights

Northern Lights has a very distinct mix of spicy and sweet aromas. When broken up, this bud gives off an aroma of bitter lime. You may also detect a bit of an ammonia hint in this strain, but with a strong smell of citrus. All of this makes Northern Lights a pretty tempting bud.


The flavor of the Northern Lights marijuana strain is definitely skunky with some hints of earthiness and fresh pine, combined with strong, sweet notes. A dank and lemon taste can also be tasted when smoking Northern Lights.

Effects of Northern Lights

The Northern Lights marijuana strain is almost 100% pure indica, which means it provides a smooth and soothing experience of complete relaxation. This bud induces a strong body high followed by a powerful couch-lock effect. 


Moreover, it guarantees a positive state of mind and very euphoric high that hits you fast, making you smile for hours after your smoking session ends. Northern Lights will perfectly blow your worries away, helping you to fall asleep like a baby.

Medical Uses of Northern Lights

The Northern Lights cannabis strain is widely recommended for its wide range of medical applications. This bud comes with supreme medical abilities and is favorite among patients suffering from both physical and mental instabilities.


Depression and mood swings are easily relieved by Northern Lights’ uplifting properties. With its generous CBD content, this indica-dominant hybrid is also recommended for treating pain, muscle spasms, arthritis, PMS, and more.


Northern Lights is also the strain of choice for patients who have been diagnosed with mental disorders. In fact, this bud can ease not only side effects but also symptoms of PTSD and anxiety treatments. Moreover, Northern Lights is a powerful relaxant and it can do wonders among insomniacs.


In case you’re dealing with lack of appetite, the Northern Lights marijuana strain may be a great choice, as it can induce appetite while easing the feeling of nausea.

Potential Side Effects of Northern Lights

Northern Lights has become very popular among indica-enthusiasts because of nearly lack of adverse reactions. This bud can sometimes cause a feeling of being couch-locked for life and not being able to move, especially when consumed in higher doses. It may also lead to feeling a bit paranoid.


As a whole, Northern Lights commonly causes cottonmouth, mixed with a feeling of being dehydrated and a dry eyes sensation.

Northern Lights – Summary

The Northern Lights marijuana strain is almost 100% pure indica and will take both your body and mind to another level of relaxation. It is a great option for online dispensaries in Canada. This iconic bud brings peace and serenity to your body while providing a range of medical benefits.

10 reviews for Northern Lights (AAA) | Indica

  1. neveryoumind (verified owner)

    Favorite purchase from TOTS so far. Buds are dried and cured perfectly, and this pure indica is a real heavy hitter!

  2. tyson-russell (verified owner)

    Hard light night hitter, huge buds, loaded with kief. 10/10

  3. Duncanwalters420 (verified owner)

    Amazing quality buds, really enjoyed the taste and high produced

  4. CanabianCitizen (verified owner)

    White ash, great smoke, very indica and very strong! I like to try different strains but have ordered this solid one multiple times.

  5. Glipglop137 (verified owner)

    Very earthy and heavy sedating indica.

  6. CanabianCitizen (verified owner)

    Like I wrote before, “I like to try different strains but have ordered this solid one multiple times.”

  7. clayfree88 (verified owner)

    i loved this strain, reminded me of when i first started smoking weed. everyone needs to give this strain a try

  8. CanabianCitizen (verified owner)

    What can I say besides I keep coming back for more!

  9. haynescaitlin (verified owner)

    Unique taste and smell, 10/10 on high. Would recommend.

  10. ketch (verified owner)

    Another heavy Indica . Great high and pricing.

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