Death Bubba (A) | Indica

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Death Bubba | (A) | Indica

Batch Information:

  • THC: 13-15%
  • CBD: <1%
  • Nug Size: 1.5/5 (5 being the biggest relative to all of our dried flower inventory)
  • Smell: Average smell
  • Stickiness: Below average stickiness
  • Bud appearance: Below average crystals, small buds
  • Trim: Good trim
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Death Bubba

The Death Bubba marijuana strain is an insanely potent indica-dominant hybrid capable of getting even the most experienced users sky-high. 


Death Bubba induces energetic and powerful cerebral buzz that clears the mind and uplifts the mood. The flower comes with mostly indica genetics and therefore you can also expect some strong body effects. Here are more facts about this unique and extremely powerful strain.

Origins of Death Bubba 

Created by crossing Bubba Kus Death Star, Death Bubba’s name was definitely influenced by its parents. Bred in Vancouver by the Sea and Sky, the Death Bubba marijuana strain comes with two very powerful genetic bases, providing an amazing set of effects.

THC Content of Death Bubba

Death Bubba boasts a staggering level of THC, ranging between 22% to breathtaking 27% on average. 

The Appearance of Death Bubba

Death Bubba grows medium-sized buds of a dark forest-green color with some rich purple shades. These gorgeous nugs are covered with lots of fiery orange pistils, and each one is covered with a thick layer of sandy white, frosty trichomes.

Fragrance & Flavors of Death Bubba

Death Bubba comes with a dank and pungent fragrance, enhanced by some musky and earthy notes mixed with delicate hints of pine. 


As for the flavor, it tastes much like it smells, dominant notes of lemon and pine, a noticeable berry aftertaste on the exhale.

Effects of Death Bubba

Death Bubba induces a strong euphoric rush that starts in the head, lightening the mood and clearing the mind at the same time. It will make you feel both motivated and energized at the beginning, but soon its indica side will weave its magic.


As the head high continues, you will feel utterly relaxed and the body high will start to intensify. Death Bubba is ideal for calming nerves lifting up the spirits. It can help you get rid of any daily worries, allowing for experiencing a deep introspection.


Energizing and active during the first stage, the high shows its body-sedating side, later on, putting the user into a state of complete relaxation. The Death Bubba marijuana strain will help you drift off to sleep, as you get lost in your own dreams and positive thoughts.

Medical Uses of Death Bubba

Death Bubba comes with a range of medical properties. To start with, its indica-learning origins give you no choice but to kick back and relax, especially once its full effects take over both your body and mind. Thus, Death Bubba is widely recommended for those having trouble sleeping. In fact, this bud can lull you to sleep in no time, which makes ideal for insomniacs.


On the mental side, Death Bubba is a very uplifting strain that can induce a full-bodied relaxation while helping its users get rid of stress and tension. Consequently, this indica-dominant hybrid may be helpful among those dealing with depression or chronic stress.


Thanks to its excellent painkilling properties, Death Bubba is also recommended for alleviating pain, both chronic and temporary. Highly sedative, the flower can also help in reducing inflammation and fatigue.

Potential Side Effects of Death Bubba

The Death Bubba marijuana strain is one of the most potent buds you can find on the market. As such, the most common adverse reactions include dry eyes and dry mouth, but these symptoms can be expected after using any marijuana strain, to be honest. When it comes to Death Bubba itself, you may feel a bit dizzy or anxious, especially if you smoke too much of the flower.

Death Bubba – Summary

Death Bubba is a gorgeous, green and purple-hued flower with a mouthwatering amount of trichomes and pistils. Although the appearance reveals its heavy indica lineage, the effects are rather well-rounded and the strain itself doesn’t make you feel glued to the couch. In fact, Death Bubba can prove a superb flower in both solitary and social settings. Whether you’re up for an inspiring conversation with your bud-buddy, or you just want to indulge in a binge-watching session on Netflix, you’ve just found yourself a good companion.

15 reviews for Death Bubba (A) | Indica

  1. haynescaitlin (verified owner)

    Great taste, high and price. Can’t conplain.

  2. clayfree88 (verified owner)

    10 out of 10
    If your looking for something nice to smoke out of the bong then this is it. I just got my order and had one hoot of this strain and had to post that this strain has an awesome heavy kush taste that is worth every penny.
    If you dont know what to get i would have to recommend this strain
    Thanks again to T.O.T.S and the growers keep up the amazing job your doing and ill keep ordering 🙂

  3. Jesee (verified owner)

    Fire?? this was on point.. perfect cure on it.. it was not to dry nor drank… smelled like heaven and hit you like a bat from hell… must try strain for those looking for a good buzz or just some time with out pain

  4. Aideng (verified owner)

    nice smoke very tasty stuff, will buy this stuff again & again forsure 🙂

  5. Goodtimes (verified owner)

    ?? 2 thumbs up- on point heavy hitter
    Tots also gets ??

  6. Shayn Fleming (verified owner)

    Not strong enough. If you’re looking for a bedtime smoke, this isn’t it.

  7. clayfree88 (verified owner)

    3rd or 4th time ive got this and this is the second best batch ive got from here.
    nice taste and gets you good and loaded
    also a lot more purple this time out

  8. clayfree88 (verified owner)

    this batch i think had the best taste ive seen and more powerful high for sure one of my go to strains.

  9. Astro (verified owner)

    i enjoy this when waking up on a weekend got a mix and match with this in it very enjoyable

  10. clayfree88 (verified owner)

    as always death bubba is top notch highly highly recommend this strain and the rating should be AAA+ because it really is that good

  11. Darren Cranston (verified owner)

    Straight up death bubba. Highly recommend

  12. mikecg (verified owner)

    Tastes real nice, smells real nice, about a 2 hit buzz !! I would order again.

  13. Joesmith (verified owner)

    Very nice. Love the high. Great sale price. Highly recommend this strain.

  14. sickofkids (verified owner)

    I always enjoy this strain. Keep up the good work.

  15. Astro (verified owner)

    A little bit upset here Usually Tales will warn you before purchase its Popcorn nugs lots of tiny tiny nugs . DEFINATELY NOT A TRIPLE A.

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